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Tokyo house-hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Tokyo and wider Japan realty market is open for business, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge at the moment is the immigration border restrictions in entering Japan as it really is a necessity to be in Japan to view properties and conclude the formal rental/purchase procedure.

Can I travel to Japan?

If you are looking to visit Japan as a tourist the short answer is No. If you are travelling on business or are moving to Japan for employment then the answer is Yes.

Covid-19 and Foreign Tourists

Currently foreign tourists are denied entry to Japan from 159 countries/regions. However, for the few countries where no ban is in place a visitor may still enter Japan if their transport has transited or refueled in one of the 159 countries/regions.

Covid-19 and Foreign Business Visitors

Japan relaxed its entry restrictions from 1st October to include foreign nationals on business trips, privately financed foreign students and those involved in medical, cultural art and sports activities. The number of arrivals is currently limited to 1000/day and qualifications such as PCR (swab) tests and quarantines.

More in-depth information can be found on the COVID-19 border enforcement measures page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Tokyo House-hunting Process

  • Get to know the areas using our helpful Area Guides.

  • Shortlist the properties of interest shown in our Property Listings:
    For Rental
    To Buy

  • Contact Century 21 SKY Realty on +81 3-3585-0021 or via our Contact Form and we’ll assist with setting up a viewing.

Other Considerations

  • Due to the cost of purchasing property in Japan we would never encourage buying a property without first viewing it in person.

  • It is very difficult for newcomers to buy property in Japan, especially as a three year stay is required to be considered for a mortgage.

  • Century 21 SKY Realty is happy to take 5 or 10 minute walk through videos of places that are available if the owner will allow. It’s worth noting that some owners will not rent a property to anyone who has not physically seen the place.

The pandemic situation is an evolving situation and the Japanese Government are actively reviewing cross-border agreements with other countries. Century 21 SKY Realty are tracking developments and will update our COVID-19 Situation/Updates page when there is significant news.

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