La Tour Yoyogi Uehara

La Tour Yoyogi Uehara offers a thoughtfully designed living space in an area of older Japanese homes and gardens as well as the latest designs in residential architecture. The pleasing mix of traditional and modern styles makes this suburb appealing to busy executives and their families.

The La Tour series of Sumitomo Realty and Development’s multiunit dwellings features top-of-the line facilities and services for those seeking the very best in rental accommodations. Each residence is designed to accommodate families in optimum comfort and security. Amenities include a fitness center, kids room and maids’ quarters, and some dwellings feature rooftop terraces.

Uehara 3-chome, Shibuya-ku

4 Bedroom +Family Room +Garden

1 car(s)


252.03 Sq. M. (2709.32 Sq. Ft.)

Built: 2003


La Tour Yoyogi Uehara #C-101 (E1 Type)

252.03 Sq. M. (2709.32 Sq. Ft.), 4 Bedroom +Family Room +Garden

Uehara 3-chome, Shibuya-ku

3 Bedroom + Garden

1 car(s)


222.74 Sq. M. (2394.46 Sq. Ft.)

Built: 2003


La Tour Yoyogi Uehara #A-101 (O Type)

222.74 Sq. M. (2394.46 Sq. Ft.), 3 Bedroom + Garden

Uehara 3-chome, Shibuya-ku

3 Bedroom +Family Room

1 car(s)


215.27 Sq. M. (2314.15 Sq. Ft.)

Built: 2003


La Tour Yoyogi Uehara #C-302 (D2 Type)

215.27 Sq. M. (2314.15 Sq. Ft.), 3 Bedroom +Family Room

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