You have everything unpacked and now it’s time to stock up on some groceries. Where you go to fill the larder can be a troubling experience at first. But once you get to know the ins and outs of what Tokyo has to offer, you’ll be wishing your own hometown had the variety of foodstuffs that is available to meet the needs of everyone in your household.

Traditionally, Japanese housewives go shopping each day for the necessary items for the evening meal and breakfast. Wanting the freshest items available, many travel from the fishmonger to the vegetable stand in search of the seasonal specials these local vendors provide. Finding the best shop, from meat to bread, is usually just a question to the neighbor away. You may think that shopping at these specialty stores would be difficult. However, since bargaining is not a common practice at these stalls, your needs can be filled with just a point of the finger.

If you really can’t go without your fix of popcorn or nacho’s, your best bet is to hit one of the many international markets. Located in Omotesando and other locations throughout Tokyo, the Kinokuniya Supermarket is probably top of the list for meeting your needs. You’ll find foreigners and Japanese alike strolling through the aisles. The selection is incredible but can be pricey. National Azabu has less variety, but offers a little bit better value. Nowadays, even local supermarkets, such as, Peacock, Ito Yokado, or Daiei, carry a small selection of international foods, at great prices, too!

The supermarket sections in many of the cities department stores, such as, Mitsukoshi and Tokyu, offer a wide variety of pre-prepared international dishes, in case you’re still feeling a bit worn out from the move.

The city is filled with Asian markets, bakeries, take-out restaurants, everything you need to satiate your hunger for a taste of home or the exotic. You would be hard pressed to find a better location for epicurean delights.

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