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Family Haven

Tree-lined streets, quiet neighborhoods, and spacious homes are the norm in suburban southwest Tokyo. Traditional Japanese-style dwellings stand side-by-side with eclectic Western-style houses.

Parks and playgrounds dot the landscape, and some of the best schools in Japan are nearby. This is the community of Fukasawa, a haven for families and just minutes from central Tokyo. Fukasawa features a mix of assets likely to please both Japanese and foreign residents alike and an impressive stock of elegant homes tailored to Western lifestyles.


Fukasawa’s menu of abundant parks, low population density, convenient commuting and excellent schools extends to the neighboring areas of Seta, Komazawa, Sakura-Shinmachi, Todoroki and Tamagawa. Located in Setagaya Ward and featuring three of the train lines that feed Western Tokyo, Fukasawa’s charm is complemented by its convenience. From any point within the community, it’s only a brief walk to at least one train station. And from most area stations, it’s only 15 minutes or less to either Shibuya or Ebisu, gateways into central Tokyo.

Shopping & Recreation

Fukasawa residents have no shortage of places to shop, eat, play, or simply stroll around. Several supermarkets, catering to both Japanese and foreign tastes, are within walking distance or a short drive from most residential neighborhoods. Komazawa Olympic Park, in the northeast border of Fukasawa, is a refuge for weekend athletes, kids of all ages, picnickers and dog walkers. For fashion enthusiasts, the trendy shopping streets of Jiyugaoka are also nearby.


What about education? For families, Fukasawa’s biggest drawing card is the proximity of two of Tokyo’s best international schools, St. Mary’s and Seisen International. Both are easily accessible from most neighborhoods in the area.

This southwest corner of Setagaya Ward is known as the upscale ‘burbs of Tokyo–ideal for affluent families looking for more space, stylish homes and the best education for their children. Century 21 Sky Realty can show you a wide selection of properties throughout the area.

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