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17th February '21
The current state of the Covid 19 situation is still that any new arrivals are being barred entry though Japanese and expats with residence cards are allowed back in the country after testing at the airport. Expats also need a negative test result before boarding the plane to come here. There is a 14 day quarantine for all arrivals. We expect the situation to continue at least as long as the current Emergency Declaration which is due to expire March 7th.

The Emergency Declaration has had a clear impact on lowering the number of cases of infection. The seven day average is now down below 500/day for Tokyo where it was around 2000 when the Declaration was put into effect in early January.

The vaccine program has finally started concentrating on first giving shots to medical personnel. Older folk should start getting it in March or so. Since the roll out has just started it is yet to be seen smoothly it will operate or what the daily averages will be.

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29th January '21
The Covid-19 situation in Japan remains ever-evolving. The ministerial head of the Covid-19 response contradicted the Prime Minister yesterday saying the vaccine rollout will not begin till after March and whether that would be April or even May he left unsaid.

Century 21 SKY Realty will continue to monitor the situation and add updates so that readers may have the latest information.

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26th January '21
There has been some encouraging news lately on the Covid front as cases have been declining in Tokyo, no doubt as a result of the Emergency Declaration imposed about 2 weeks ago. The Declaration closed restaurants and bars after 8 pm, and encouraged employees to work from home, in addition to other measures.  Daily cases were upwards of 1500, reaching 2000+ a couple of times, but have since ebbed to about 600.  Prime Minister Suga had mentioned a goal of hitting 500 by February 6th when the Declaration is due to end.  Naturally, if it does end at that time our hope would also be that the country will reopen to new long term residents as well.

The distribution of the vaccine has also been moved up to sometime in late February (as opposed to late March) and depending on the speed of the rollout this should also have an improving effect on the situation.

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18th January '21
As of January 14th the Japanese government has suspended new entries of all foreign nationals. Japanese nationals and foreign nationals who hold a valid residence card will be permitted to enter but we understand that they are/will be reinforcing the PCR testing requirements before/after entry into the country as well as the monitoring of activities during the 14 day self-quarantine period.

It also appears that the people who received a visa before the new bans were enacted can still enter Japan until January 21st as long as they are not travelling from the UK, South Africa and the countries which are subject to denial of permission to entry. However, this only includes a few Asian and African countries plus Australia and New Zealand, and the situation might be changing day by day so I would suggest that anyone who intends to travel to Japan contact the Japanese embassy/consulate in their location of origin.

Please refer to the below links for further details:

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16th December '20
On the immigration side there has been almost no change – long term expatriates with visas are being allowed in with proper tests etc.  There is a movement afoot to allow arrivals at Narita to take a train into the city as Narita is 60 kms away from Tokyo and a taxi or uber is about 30,000 yen or about USD300.

The train would have a few cars exclusively used by the new arrivals so as not to endanger the general public and it would be a few thousand yen so considerably less costly.  Arrivals would still be expected to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the city.

Source and more info at:

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5th October '20
The Japanese government has finally opened up the country as of Oct 1st to those who have been issued new visas over the past 6 months and will allow them to enter the country – with certain qualifications such as PCR (swab) tests and quarantines.

Arrivals are limited to 1000/day.

Talking to an airline (Air Canada) they do not think the 1000/day is going to be an issue (ie., not such a detrimental impact on people who want to get here) and that it will expand in the future.

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25th May '20
The Emergency Declaration has been  ended for the entire country now. There will now be a 3 step procedure for opening the country with each step allowing progressively more easing of the rules on people gathering and the use of restaurants and bars.

There are also plans being made to allow entry of non-Japanese into the country for business purposes though no specific timeline or standards are yet available.

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2nd April '20
We received news April 2nd from the immigration authorities.  Basically, as of Friday April 3rd, it will become almost impossible for foreign nationals to enter Japan from most major countries even if they have a valid residence card into Japan (including permanent residency holders).

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